Electric Nocturnal

Out now on all major streaming services.

Electric Nocturnal is the debut album from multi-instrumentalist producers Manu & Ayay. Releasing a fully-defined album is a large first step for the producer-musician duo, especially in the age streaming and overnight hit singles. But behind the artful blending of genres and experimental sounds is a commitment to explorative rhythms and  enthusiastic artistic vision that speaks to the many years of collaboration in-person and between countries. Despite years of songmaking, the pair only ever released to friends and fellow musicians and using various pseudonyms online to small audiences. Now however, they are committed to bringing their elaborate songwriting and punchy, exhilarating percussion out of the unheard and unseen and into the contemporary independent music scene. Featuring imaginative, diverse instrumentation, their album seeks to combine the best of genre-bending, contemporary style and playlist-like curation with the coherence and vision of an album.
Hailing out of the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles, Manu and Aaron are long-time friends with  years of musical collaboration under their belts and a decade each of songwriting experience. Electric Nocturnal was self-produced, -written and -mixed over the spring and summer 2017, but represents several years of artistic exploration uniting a variety of inspirations and experimental sounds. The nine-track album showcases the eclectic vision of the duo, as it seamlessly and skillfully explores diverse sounds, whether through downtuned chill electronic, future soul and jazzy hip-hop, or even high-energy, crowd-moving future bass. Bring out your best speakers and press play, your ears will thank you.