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Manu & ayay

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Manu and Aaron are long-time friends with years of songwriting experience. Growing up in Pacific Northwest in the 90s and 2000s, the duo bring together a range of inspirations from old school jazz, soul and hip-hop, to classic video game soundtracks as well as the best of contemporary future sounds. Electric Nocturnal, their debut album, was self-produced, -written and -mixed in spring and summer 2017, and released in the fall of 2017. It seeks to blend the depth and vision of an album with the variety and breadth of playlist-style curation. It also showcases the eclectic vision of the duo, as the album seamlessly and skillfully explores diverse sounds, from future soul and jazzy hip-hop, to RnB, electro pop and high-energy, crowd-moving future bass. The album blends the unconventional with undeniably fresh and contemporary sound to create an exciting musical trip, so break out your best speakers or headphones, your ears will thank you. For Manu & Ayay, the album represents the culmination of years of honing their artistic vision and production skills, but it is also just the beginning, because much more is on the way.

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